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For Your Safety and Protection:

Remember your number 2 is our number 1 and that your flush is our rush.

Manhole Safety

A manhole is an opening to a confined space such as a shaft, utility vault, or large vessel. Manholes are vertical underground confined spaces used by utility personnel as a point of access to a sewer system. Manholes are typically located in the middle of the street however it is dependent on the location of the sewer main. Manholes and their lids can be extremely hazardous:
-NEVER remove a manhole lid 
-NEVER investigate missing manhole lids.
-NEVER enter a manhole as this poses a hazardous condition (e.g. toxic gasses capable of killing you, corroded structure incapable of bearing weight).

If a lid is missing or misplaced, please contact us at one of the following numbers or contact emergency services if the issues should occur after normal business hours.

Plumbers and contractors can let you know when it is time to call the sewer department for assistance with a blockage in the main.

Please keep your service line (that’s the pipe from your house to the main sewer line in the middle of the street) point of access capped. Uncapping and letting sewage overflow on your property is not a solution to clogged or collapsed pipe. If you do this you will receive a notice that drinking water delivery into your home will be shut off until the issue is resolved.

Please do not flush wet wipes, hair, or tampon applicators of any type…even if they are labeled “flushable”. These wipes and objects do not break down with normal processes at the wastewater plant and can contribute to blockages forming in the collection network.


Wastewater plant tours welcome upon request. View our virtual tour.

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Call before you dig logoThe City of Trinidad Sewer Department is promoting public safety

Digging into an underground sewer line can be a potential environmental danger and may cause a release of hazardous material. 

Underground pipelines are not always located in the street. So weather you are grading, installing a fence, or planting a tree, the City of Trinidad Sewer Department encourages you to make a call to the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 8-1-1 two days before you plan to dig, not including the day of the call, to arrange to have all underground utilities located or online by visiting their site.