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Do's and Don'ts of Electricity

  • Do not touch downed lines at any time, for any reason.
  • Turn in low hanging lines, leaning poles, and any other questionable concerns regarding electrical infrastructure.
  • Do not operate cranes or any aerial machinery near power lines.
  • Report a fallen tree or branches in power lines. 
  • Contact 719-846-4441 immediately when noticing downed lines.
  • Contact 719-846-4441 after hours if there is loss of power and/or flickering lights.
  • Never assume that someone else will report a concern or issue!

All Power & Light employees will present themselves in a City of Trinidad issued uniform including an identification badge and City of Trinidad vehicle

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The City of Trinidad Power & Light Department is promoting public safety

Digging into an underground electrical line can create an explosion that can potentially endanger both person and property. Underground electrical lines are not always located in the street. So whether you are grading, installing a fence, or planting a tree, the City of Trinidad Power & Light Department encourages you to make a call to the utility Notification Center of Colorado at 8-1-1 two days before you plan to dig, not including the day of the call, to arrange to have all underground utilities located. When locates are complete, a red line will be painted on the ground and/or red flags will be installed identifying the location of the underground electrical lines.
Trinidad’s Municipal Power Plant was put into operation on June 1, 1950 proudly serving the Trinidad community for over 72 years. Currently, the Municipal Power Plant serves as the backup generation for Trinidad’s power grid.  The City of Trinidad’s Power and Light Department is a member of the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) and purchases its power from San Isabel Electric.

The City of Trinidad Power & Light Department regularly monitors the City's electrical infrastructure by performing routine maintenance throughout the City. This includes cross arm change out, replacing electrical poles, trimming trees, fixing street lights and traffic lights, replacement of transformers, City planning for new developments, and addressing emergency power outages to name a few. These conscientious efforts to maintain the City's electrical infrastructure ultimately keeps the power on for the citizens of Trinidad.

Trinidad Power Plant

Trinidad's Power Plant generates backup power in the event of outages and scheduled maintenance to the power grid. In addition to routine maintenance, the Power & Light Department participates in several community events including the annual Christmas decorations, the annual ball drop for the Mt. San Rafael Hospital Golf Tournament, and ensuring that power is available for local City events.   

Procedure for New Electric Service
  • Apply for an electric permit at the Utility Administration Office, 2nd Floor City Hall or by downloading the electric service permit form and emailing it to Linda Vigil
  • Customer will contract a licensed electrician.
  • The City of Trinidad Electric Department will contact you to schedule the installation.
  • Payment for electric line installation, meter deposits, and other materials must be paid in full at the Utility Administration Office.
  • State Electrical inspection required before the installation.
  • City of Trinidad's Electric Department will install the electric meter once all charges are paid in full.
Documents and Forms
Residential customer-owned generation systems checklist
Trinidad Municipal Code regulating customer-owned generation systems
  Shop Locations
208 N. Gray Creek Road
Trinidad, CO 81082
Shop: 719-846-6643
Emergency: 911
After Hours Non-Emergency: 719-846-4441

Power Plant
1925 E. Main Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: 719-846-2721

City Hall
135 N. Animas Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Billing - 1st Floor
Administration: 2nd Floor (Director's Office)
Phone: 719-846-9843

Contact Usline
David Bachicha, Power & Light Director
Office: 719-846-9843, Ext. 131

Paul Cordova, Power & Light Foreman
Office: 719-846-6643

Gerald Armijo, Chief Engineer
Office: 719-846-2721

Linda Vigil, Utilities Administrator
Office: 719-846-9843, Ext. 124