Park Use & Special Event Permits

The City of Trinidad welcomes the community and event organizers to utilize our City Parks and venues for your special events and occasions! 

A Park Use & Special Event Permit Application is required for all events that will be:

  1. utilizing city resources such as city parks, or Kit Carson Park Gazebo, Central Park Pavilion or requiring access to water, electricity, bleachers, crowd control barriers, etc; 
  2. requiring street closures, or altered parking
  3. proposing entertainment such as festivals, parades, fireworks, mechanical rides or devices, staging,  live music, vendors, tents/canopies, inflatables, etc. 
  4. serving Alcohol either in controlled areas or in Entertainment District.  
In addition, if any of the following apply you must request a SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT APPLICATION.

  • The primary purpose of the event is entertainment (i.e. a music concert)
  • The public or a substantial portion of the public is invited to the event either by express invitation or by implication
  • The event is expected to have a visual, sound or environmental impact
  • The event is expected to cause disruption of the normal routine of the community, park or affected neighborhood
  • The event involves filming
Applications must be filed not less than 10 days prior to your event; Major events must be filed 45 days prior. 

All Events are required to pay a non-refundable Special Event Fee of $50. Event fees offset costs associated with the set-up/clean-up of functions to include removal of trash and debris generated by the event planners, spectators or guest; and to offset additional staffing costs associated with providing after hours resources, such as security, electricity, water, additional trash receptacles, bleachers, opening of locks, gates, restrooms, etc. 

Specific events will also be required to obtain a Certificate of Insurance Please note that obtaining a permit does not reserve a park for your event. Parks will remain open to the public during your event.

To obtain a Park Use and Special Event Permit, fill out this online form or contact Marty Hackett at 719-846-9512.