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Leave the building or area immediately, encourage others to leave with you.

  • Light a match or smoke.
  • Turn appliances on or off.
  • Turn a light on or off (including flashlights).
  • Start a car.
  • Use a telephone, because any of these actions could produce a spark and cause an explosion

NEVER assume someone else will report a concern or issue.

Find a phone away from the area and call the City of Trinidad at 719-846-9843 or the Trinidad Police Department at 719-846-4441 to report a gas leak

As our customer, you are the first line of defense when it comes to leak detection.

Who do I call if I Smell Gas? 
If you have a natural gas emergency or gas outage please call 719-846-9843, or after hours call

Documents, Forms, and Procedures
Excess flow valve notification letter
Customer Owned Service Line Notification
Gas Service Permit form
Elevated gas pressure form
What is Natural Gas? 
Application for Gas Meter installation

Procedure for New Gas Service Line 

  • Apply for gas service permit at Utility Administration Office, 2nd Floor City Hall or online by using the gas service permit form
  • The City Gas Department will contact you to schedule for the gas service line installation
Before Gas meter can be installed
  • Payment for gas line installation must be paid in full at the Utility Administration Office.
  • Gas meter deposit must be made at City Hall 1st floor billing office. 
  • State Plumbing Inspection required before gas meter installation.
  • Trinidad's Gas Department will install the gas meter & a licensed plumber will connect the gas meter to the structure. 
  Natural Gas Lines and Responsibilitiesline
The City of Trinidad owns and operates the Natural Gas Distribution System which
began operations in 1951. Our job is to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home or business. We operate and maintain an extensive network of pipeline, which serves approximately 4,500 customers, and includes more than 80 miles of natural gas pipeline beneath our city’s streets, sidewalks, alleys and yards.   

Customer safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to keeping your home or business safe from the potential dangers of natural gas. 

Our Responsibility                                                          

As required by federal regulations, we perform routine leak and corrosion inspections every year. From the inspections, we find leaks that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.
A typical leak survey involves walking over the entire underground natural gas pipe from the main in the street or alley to your gas meter. Depending on the type of survey needed, we may use a probe, leak detector, or an electronic device that records data. Atypical survey does not require digging, and the end results are not noticeable. However if a leak or corrosion is found additional work will need to be performed.
If we are unable to access the lines and/or main at the time of the survey, we will leave a door hanger instructing you to call and set an appointment. When our employees arrive for the appointment, please leave gates unlocked and keep dogs away.

Access to your property

As stated in the City of Trinidad’s Gas Tariff the customer will provide access to the customer’s premises at all reasonable times for authorized employees of the City for any purpose incidental to the supplying of natural gas service.

Your Safety

Here are some ways you can identify our gas employees.
They all carry identification badges with a photo, don’t hesitate to ask to see it.
All City of Trinidad Gas employees wear tan shirts with the City Gas logo and their name along with blue jeans. 

If you are still concerned about the validity of the visit, call 719-680-1424 or 719- 846-9843  and we will confirm it. 

City gas meter


Gas Shop

15 N. Linden Ave

Trinidad, Co 81082
Shop: 719-846-2563
Emergency: 911
After hours - Non Emergency: 719-846-4441

City Hall

135 N. Animas Street
Trinidad, Co 81082
Billing - 1st Floor
Administration - 2nd Floor

Contact Us

Steve Curro, Gas Utilities Director
Office 719-846-9843 x 122
Cell 719-680-1429

Gene Torres, Gas Foreman
Office 719-846-2563
Cell 719-680-1424

Linda Vigil, Utility Administration
Office 719-846-9843 x 124

Call before you dig logo 

The City of Trinidad Gas Department is
promoting public safety

Digging into an underground gas pipeline or service line can create an explosion that can potentially endanger both person and property.

Underground pipelines are not always located in the street. So weather you are grading, installing a fence, or planting a tree, the City of Trinidad Gas Department encourages you to make a call to the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 8-1-1 two days before you plan to dig, not including the day of the call, to arrange to have all underground utilities located or online by visiting their site.