Request for Records

Pursuant to C.R.S. 24-72-205(6), a fee for research and retrieval time necessary to respond to requests for records will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per hour. There shall be no charge for the first hour of time for research and retrieval of records.

When a request is received, the custodian shall contact the requestor and estimate the fee to complete the research and retrieval in order to allow the requestor to determine if they wish to proceed with the request.

The custodian may request that the requestor pay the fee prior to proceeding to research and retrieve the records. Should the requestor pay the fee based on the estimate and the actual time to research and retrieve the records be less than the estimate, the custodian shall issue a refund to the requestor.

The fee for photocopies is $0.25 per page. Should the custodian deem the requested information too voluminous to photocopy, the documents may be transferred to a portable storage device at a cost of $15.00 per device plus the cost for research and retrieval.

Copies of audio recordings will be provided at a cost of $20.00

Certified copies will be provided at a cost of $3.50, plus the fee for photocopies and fee for research and retrieval. Fees for certified copies must be provided in advance.

If data is requested in a form not normally generated by the City, the fee shall be based on the actual cost of converting said data and generating the requested record.

To request records held by the City of Trinidad under the Colorado Open Records Act, click here .

Prior to submitting your request, please read the City's CORA Requests Policy .