Street Closures for Construction of the First Street Project

Trinidad— March 20, 2023 — As of Monday, March 20, 2023, for Construction of the First Street Project; 1st Street will be closed and hard blocked from the intersection of 1st Street and South Convent Street east through the intersection of 1st Street and South Commercial Street to the mid-block between South Commercial Street and South Maple Street. South Commercial Street from 1st Street to 2nd Street will temporarily switch its one-way direction and be accessible from 2nd Street, north to the open businesses.   Bank drive-in access will remain open and accessible from 2nd Street north on S. Commercial Street. Alley A from West Main Street to West 1st Street will also temporarily switch its one-way direction.  No parking will be allowed on Alley A or South Convent Street, from Main St to 1st Street. All businesses are anticipated to remain open during construction.  For any questions or a copy of the Traffic Control Map for this closure, please contact Project Manager Jeni Jackson 719-846-9843 ext. 117, thank you for your patience during this construction process and beautification of our historic downtown.
map of traffic control plan