City of Trinidad
Established 1876

135 North Animas Street
Trinidad, CO 81082

City of Trinidad Landfill - Illegal Dumping

Despite the many names (waste, refuse, garbage, litter, junk), there is only one place that trash ends up: the landfill. Whether you put it in your curbside can, toss it at the convenience center, or illegally dump it, trash will be buried in the ground forever unless it’s reused, recycled, or composted.

When you toss materials anywhere but the appropriate bin, it is considered dumping or littering, and it is illegal. When Las Animas County and Trinidad City residents do not want to pay to properly dispose of their trash, it ends up in the ditches or open space, polluting the habitat for both animals and humans.

Rethink Illegal Dumping

Most of the materials that are found at illegal dump sites can be recycled or reused. Consider the reuse of your unwanted materials at a donation center, posting it on Craigslist, or having a garage sale.

Items like common recyclables, electronics, hazardous waste, bulky metals and/or appliances, that are not suited for reuse can be recycled. Do your part. Take your unwanted materials to the landfill to have it disposed of properly.

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