City of Trinidad
Established 1876

135 North Animas Street
Trinidad, CO 81082

Chapter 14: Planning & Zoning

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Article 4: Zoning Ordinance Section of Chapter 14
Articles 1-3 and 5-10: Other Articles Within Chapter 14
Article 4 Division 1
General Provisions
Article 1
Subdivision Ordinance
Article 4 Division 2
Open (O) Zone District
Article 2
City Planning, Zoning, & Variance Commission
Article 4 Division 3
Residential Estate (RE) Zone District
Article 3
Trinidad Metro Area Comprehensive Plan (Repealed)
Article 4, Division 4
Low Density Residential (LDR)Zone District
Article 5
Protection of Flood Plains
Article 4, Division 5
Medium Density Residential (MDR)Zone District
Article 6
Board of Appeals
Article 4, Division 6
High Density Residential (HDR) Zone District
Article 7
Vested Property Rights
Article 4 Division 7
Mobile Home Residential (MHR) Zone District
Article 8
Wireless Telecommunications Towers and Facilities
Article 4 Division 8
Neighborhood Services (NS) Zone District
Article 9
Sexually Oriented Businesses
Article 4 Division 9
Community Commercial (CC) Zone District
Article 10
Sidewalk Cafes
Article 4 Division 10
Industrial (I) Zone District
Article 4 Division 11
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zone District
Article 4 Division 12
Historic Preservation (HP) Zone District
Article 4 Division 13
Article 4 Division 14
Supplementary Regulations (Including Information on Parking)
Article 4 Division 15
Article 4 Division 16
Article 4 Division 17
Variance Procedures
Article 4 Division 18
Fees for the Administration of the Zoning Ordinance
Article 4 Division 19
Legislative Provisions

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