City of Trinidad
Established 1876

135 North Animas Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Do you have a zoning map online?

Unfortunately, recent budget cuts have prevented us from proceeding with our GIS program as planned, and finalizing a digital zoning map is no longer in our short-term plans. A full copy of the City's Official Zoning Map map be purchased from the City's Engineering Department, or a small portion of the map can be sent to you via fax or e-mail from the City's Planning Department.

Why don't you have agendas and minutes available online?

Current Planning Commission Agendas are now posted online. The Planning Department will provide additional information, included minutes, as requested. For any information relating to City Council agendas and minutes, please contact the City Clerk.
How do I report a potential zoning code violation or report a code enforcement issue?

Contact the Code Enforcment Officer, Tony Haddow, at 719-846-4444.
How can I report a crime or suspicious activity anonymously?

You can call the Trinidad Police Department's Tip Line at 719-845-TIPS. Also, visit the Police Department's website for more information about the Police.
Can I pay my utility bill online? How do I get my utilities connected? What number do I call to locate utilities?

As of this time, the City is able to process payments online; please follow this link. For payment and utility connection information, please call Kathy Falsetto at 719-846-9843 X113. We taccept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards as well. To locate utilities, please call 811. Call before you dig!
I heard there aren't any water taps available? Is this true? What are the utility fees?

Water taps are available within city limits. Outside of city limits, water taps may be available in certain circumstances and with certain requirements. Please contact Linda Vigil for information on water taps and other utilitiy costs at 719-846-9843 extension 124.
There is a huge pothole in my street. Who do I report this to?

Please contact the Public Works Department at 719-846-9843 extension 125.
Do I need a permit to erect a fence? What about a deck? What about an accessory structure?

Fences under 72" do not typically require a permit, however site-distance issues may necessitate review. Decks under 200 square feet in area that are not more than 30" above grade at any point and are not attached to a dwelling unit or do not serve as an exit door requirement by section R311.4 do not typically require a permit; however, with both fences and decks, review is often necessary to ensure that underground utilities won't be disrupted, and that you are not encroaching onto another's property. One-story detached accessory structures used as a tool and storage shed, playhouse, or similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet, generally do not require a permit; review is often necessary to ensure that it meets the setback requirements. Please contact the Building Department for more information at 719-846-9843 extension 128.
What are the snow load requirements? Construction for what wind speeds? What's the frost depth?

Snow load is 30lbs, Wind speeds, 90 mph, Frost depth is 32". Please contact the Building Department for more information at 719-846-9843 extension 128.
I want to build something, but I need to know the setbacks. And, what's the zoning?

A lot of this information can be asnwered by visiting our Zoning Code. To find out the zoning of your property, please contact the Planning Department.
I'm a contractor and want to know about open bids. Is there a place to get a list? How does Trinidad's bid process work?

Bids are required to be published in the local newspaper. Projects are managed by the appropriate department head (Public Works, Utilities, or Planning).
What Building Code does the City Use?

The City follows the 2009 version of the International Building Code. For more information, please contact the Building Department at 719-846-9843 extension 128.
How large is Trinidad? When did it become a City? Where is it?

Trinidad currently consists of nearly 10,000 people, and is approximately 9.07 square miles in area. It was incorporated on February 1, 1876. We are along Interstate 25 in the southeastern part of Colorado. At its southern boundary, the City is 11 miles north of the Colorado/New Mexico border. For additional demographic information, visit the Economic Development website by clicking here. For Visitor or Tourism information, click here.
What is the City's Sales Tax?

Presently, the City of Trinidad has a 4% sales tax (and the State sales tax is 2.9%).